Unlock your musical expression and creative potential with ZooZBeat™!

ZooZBeat is a gesture-based mobile musical studio, simple enough for non-musicians to immediately become musically expressive but rich enough for experienced musicians to push the envelope of mobile music creation. Start playing with just a click or select among background beats in a variety of styles. Use shake and tilt movements, tap the screen, or press the keypads to create and modify rhythmic and melodic lines. Based on years of research, our propriety musical engine will interpret your actions into beautiful music that fits your style.

ZooZBeat is currently in development and is scheduled to be re-released onto the Google and Apple App Store in mid-2017. We are currently in talks with financing partners, and appreciate that our fans are patiently waiting an official BETA release. We have collected all of the contact details for those who registered for BETA testing, and we will be sending out BETA invites in roughly February 2017.


Product Features:

  • Up to 4 background beats and 20 instrument sounds
  • Voice Recording – sing or talk into your phone and our musical engine will fit your voice into the music. You can then replay, modify, and transform your voice with fun effects. (not available for iPod Touch)
  • Saving and loading songs – create and access your personally created music library on the go
  • Accurate note entry in Landscape Mode
  • Usable with all major karaoke machines. We recommend reading some karaoke machine reviews to identify which models ZoozBeat is compatible with.

Zoozbeat is a game changing mobile application that can allow a beginner to become an expert in less than 24-hours. Tom, Zozanga.com.