Three Reasons You Should Be Using Himalayan Pink Salt

For years, medical professionals and nutritionists have been telling us that salt is bad and that it can increase the risks of heart attack, high blood pressure, and stroke, which can all lead to death. We all know that running and jogging can be beneficial to rid the body of excess salt, and we wholely recommend that you use a treadmill to shed excess calories while excreting salt. ZoozBeat is AMAZING when using a treadmill. However, be sure to read a solid set of treadmill reviews such as the ones on Sarah Palin.

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ZOOZbeat Jackson 5 Remix App Launched Today: Beats From Five Jackson 5 Mega-Hits; $6,000+ in Cash & Jackson 5 Prize Packs

Austin, TX – SXSW Music Conference – March 19, 2010 – A-B-C. Easy as 1-2-3.  Starting today, Jackson 5 fans can remix five multi-platinum Jackson 5 songs and win over $6,000 in prizes. Universal Music Enterprises and EMI Music Publishing teamed up with ZOOZ Mobile, Inc., developers of the first mobile music studio, to launch ZOOZbeat Jackson 5 Remix for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch users. ZOOZbeat Jackson 5 Remix – the second in a series of custom branded ZOOZbeat music apps – features five Jackson 5 signature songs that helped sell more than 250 million albums worldwide in 40 years: Dancing Machine, ABC, I Want You Back, Mama’s Pearl and The Love You Save. ZOOZbeat Jackson 5 Remix transforms the Apple iPhone or iPod Touch into a mobile music studio, enabling anyone – with or without music training – to remix and re-create their own tracks with beats and samples from pop sensation Jackson 5 featuring Michael Jackson and brothers Jermaine, Jackie, Tito and Marlon.

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Contest Deadline Extended to June 1, 2010 for the ‘ZOOZbeat Jackson 5 Remix’ Contest

April 27, 2010 • Atlanta, GA USA – We’ve extended the entry deadline to Tuesday, June 1, 2010 for the ZOOZbeat Jackson 5 Remix Challenge Contest entries.

This means there’s still time for you to download ZOOZbeat Jackson 5 Remix ($4.99) app and enter your Jackson 5 multi-platinum song – with your remix – for your chance to win your share of more than $6,000 in cash and Jackson 5 merchandise – 34 prizes in all!

More Than $6,000 in Cash and Jackson 5 Prize Packs!

  • ZOOZbeat Jackson 5 RemixGrand Prize (1) – $1,500, plus a Jackson 5 Swagger Like Us wearable art “hoodie” sweatshirt, t-shirt and tote bag; and a premium 3-CD Michael Jackson Hello World: The Motown Solo Collection courtesy of Universal Music Enterprises.
  • Second Prizes (3) – $250, plus a Jackson 5 Swagger Like Us wearable art “hoodie” sweatshirt, t-shirt and tote bag.
  • Honorable Mentions (30) – a Jackson 5 Swagger Like Us wearable art “hoodie” sweatshirt, t-shirt and tote bag.

“As easy as ZOOZbeat (4.2) already is for anyone to remix music regardless of musical ability, ZOOZbeat Jackson 5 Remix ZOOZbeat Jackson 5 Remix Apphas new ways to make learning how to remix music easier,” says ZOOZ Mobile Founder and Chief Technology Officer Dr. Gil Weinberg. “First, we added a step-by-step video tutorial to show different way the Jackson 5 beats can be remixed; we also made the music re-creation experience more intuitive and richer – including adding more loops and longer samples from the original Jackson 5 songs as well as reverb, filters and other music re-mixing tools. ZOOZbeat Jackson 5 Remix iPhone app is the next generation of ZOOZbeat.”

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ZOOZbeat App Free Now Through June 29th; In Celebration of iPhone 3-Year Anniversary

April 27, 2010 – ATLANTA, GA USA – The ZOOZbeat app, formerly $1.99, is now free through Tuesday, June 29, 2010 in the Apple iTunes App Store.

It’s our way of celebrating the third anniversary of the launch of the Apple iPhone on June 29, 2010.

The sale of iPhones and iTunes apps downloads are a huge success. We want to leverage Apple’s success to enable even more ZOOZbeat Musicians – like you – to remix music on the go.

In just the last three months, Apple sold almost 9 million iPhones. “Revenue for the phones made up 40% of Apple’s total business,” according to The Wall Street Journal (4/21/10). “Apple said sales from its iTunes store hit a record $1.1 billion [in the first quarter 2010] due to strong demand for music, video and iPhone apps.”

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New ZOOZbeat Jackson 5 Remix 3-Pack App Now Available in the iTunes App Store $1.99

You can now ZOOZ with three of the Jackson 5 mega-hit songs for $1.99.

“Our new ZOOZbeat Jackson 5 Remix 3-Pack app – for just $1.99 – allows more people to remix beats, loops and samples from multi-platinum Jackson 5 songs: ABC, Dancing Machine and I Want You Back,” said ZOOZ Mobile, Inc. CEO and President Scott Geller.

“We continue to offer the ZOOZbeat Jackson 5 Remix app for just $4.99 that includes beats, loops and samples from five Jackson 5 songs: ABC, Dancing Machine, I Want You Back, Mama’s Pearl and The Love You Save.”

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ZOOZ Mobile Receives $150,000 Innovation Research Grant: May Grow to $1 Million

May 18, 2010 – Atlanta, GA USA · ZOOZ Mobile has been awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the National Science Foundation. The grant of $150,000 will support the development of an innovative music intelligence engine for a new line of ZOOZ music creativity apps.

“The NSF SBIR grant validates the quality of our research and the high prospect of commercialization of our efforts,” said ZOOZ Mobile Founder and CTO Dr. Gil Weinberg who is also the Founder and Director of the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology (GTCMT). “We hope that the first phase of support will lead to great results and to the continuation of the NSF SBIR support, which can grow to mmore than $1 million in funding.”The SBIR grant will be matched by additional funds from Georgia Research Alliance and Georgia Tech’s Venture Lab, who have supported ZOOZ Mobile in the past. ZOOZ Mobile is one of two spin-off companies that came from GTCMT. Various versions of ZOOZbeat apps have been downloaded more than 1.4 million times from the Apple iTunes App Store.

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Billboard Music App Awards Selects ‘ZOOZbeat Sprite’ As Finalist in the Best Branded App Category; Part of Billboard Mobile Entertainment Live!: The Music App Summit

September 1, 2010 • Atlanta, GA USA – A drum roll (remix) please. Billboard Music Apps Awards selected ZOOZbeat Sprite as one of three finalists for the Best Branded App category at the Billboard Music Awards; part of Billboard Mobile Entertainment Live!: The Music App Summit on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 in San Francisco.

The announcement was made by Billboard Executive Director, Digital/Mobile Content & Programming at Billboard. ZOOZbeat Sprite will be featured in the best apps of the year listing in the Billboard Magazine September 4, 2010 edition.

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