Three Reasons You Should Be Using Himalayan Pink Salt

For years, medical professionals and nutritionists have been telling us that salt is bad and that it can increase the risks of heart attack, high blood pressure, and stroke, which can all lead to death. We all know that running and jogging can be beneficial to rid the body of excess salt, and we wholely recommend that you use a treadmill to shed excess calories while excreting salt. ZoozBeat is AMAZING when using a treadmill. However, be sure to read a solid set of treadmill reviews such as the ones on Sarah Palin.

Processed, refined, iodized table salt is detrimental to our health; however, our bodies need salt in order to survive. That we should eat salt to live and to die is one of the great ironies of life. Or is it? Enter Himalayan pink salt!

Himalayan pink salt is a natural, unrefined salt, which is found throughout Asia. It is said to be the purest salt. Since it hasn’t been refined, it retains its trace minerals. Those minerals, which have great health benefits, can be easily absorbed by the body. Here are three reasons that you should be ditching iodized table salt and replacing it with Himalayan pink salt.

1. Himalayan pink salt can relieve muscle cramps.

Two of the trace minerals found in Himalayan pink salt are magnesium and potassium, which are essential for healthy muscle movement. Because the skin so readily absorbs minerals, try soaking in a Himalayan pink salt bath the next time you experience cramps or spasms. Additionally, children who are experiencing growing pains can greatly benefit from the salt exposure.

2. Himalayan pink salt can promote sleep.

After you relax in that salt bath, head to bed and turn on a Himalayan salt lamp for a good night’s sleep. Salt lamps release negative ions and a soft, orange light, which can help to regulate the body’s production of melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone that controls your sleep cycles. If you struggle with insomnia, skip the artificial melatonin and rest peacefully with an all-natural Himalayan salt lamp.

3. Himalayan pink salt can balance your body’s pH levels.

Finally, Himalayan salt can help to rid acidic toxins from your body. During digestion, the acidic toxins bind to the crystals and are removed from the body. The removal of the toxins helps to stabilize your body’s pH levels. One reason this is important is that cancer has been linked to acidic pH levels. An easy and effective way to use Himalayan salt to balance your pH is to drink a Himalayan salt sole daily. Try this recipe here!

What do you have to lose? Himalayan pink salt has a myriad of health benefits; these are just a few! Try it for yourself. Get some positive results from the negative ions in Himalayan pink salt when you add it to your diet today!

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