ZOOZbeat App Free Now Through June 29th; In Celebration of iPhone 3-Year Anniversary

April 27, 2010 – ATLANTA, GA USA – The ZOOZbeat app, formerly $1.99, is now free through Tuesday, June 29, 2010 in the Apple iTunes App Store.

It’s our way of celebrating the third anniversary of the launch of the Apple iPhone on June 29, 2010.

The sale of iPhones and iTunes apps downloads are a huge success. We want to leverage Apple’s success to enable even more ZOOZbeat Musicians – like you – to remix music on the go.

In just the last three months, Apple sold almost 9 million iPhones. “Revenue for the phones made up 40% of Apple’s total business,” according to The Wall Street Journal (4/21/10). “Apple said sales from its iTunes store hit a record $1.1 billion [in the first quarter 2010] due to strong demand for music, video and iPhone apps.”

Since you have both the ZOOZbeat Music reCreation Studio app – and an iPhone or iPod Touch – you can appreciate how ZOOZbeat on an iPhone or iPod Touch can enable everyone, anywhere, to creatively express themselves musically – easily through gesture.

ZOOZbeat Would Like Your Help (Please)

And, while various versions of ZOOZbeat have been downloaded more than 1.4 million times, we would like to dramatically increase the number of ZOOZbeat Musicians in the next 60 days – way beyond 1.4 million.

Because the more ZOOZbeat-enabled musicians, the more likely artists and record labels will want to offer their beats through the ZOOZbeat In-App Store. The more Artists and beats: the more opportunities for you to remix music with the ZOOZbeat app. So, free can be great for everyone!

Please let your family and friends know that the ZOOZbeat app is free now through June 29, 2010 on the Apple iPhone or iPod Touch. And, thanks for ZOOZin’ and sharing your reCreated song at: ZOOZbeat.com.

Postscript 4/28/10 • 11:09 am ET: The ZOOZbeat app is among the Top 40 free music apps in the Apple iTunes App Store.

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